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25th Anniversary
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25th Anniversary of the C.I.D.



On November 9th 2004, the Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales d'Informatique Documentaire (C.I.D.) celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary at l'Institut de France, quai de Conti.

Professeur Jean Maris Zemb, Honorary Professor au Collège de France, and member of the Institut, introduced the guest speaker Professor Luc Devroye, from the School of Computer Science of McGill University in Montreal (Canada).

A round table discussion then took place with ten members of the C.I.D.'s scientific committee. Innovative aspects from a dozen events held by the C.I.D. over the last twnety-fives years.

A cocktail was then served to the participants.

Article from « Le MONDE INFORMATIQUE » - Novembre 26, 2004