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The CENTRE DE HAUTES ETUDES INTERNATIONALES D'INFORMATIQUE DOCUMENTAIRE (C.I.D.) was created in 1979 in Paris. It is a Learned Society, formed as not-for-profit organisation (Association loi de 1901).

The Centre has always concentrated its activity on all aspects of computer treatment of non-structured information. In contrast to structured information found in classical databases, we have been concerned with exploiting the information content of unstructured media (text, image, sound, video…).

The activity of the C.I.D. relies on a number of content-based information specialists, French or foreign, some of which are permanent scientific members of the association and some of which are called upon from time to time by the C.I.D. to produce a report, or to participate in colloquia, in debates, in the C.I.D.-organized RIAO conferences, etc., according to their specialities.


The C.I.D. organises Colloquia in France and abroad (Europe, US, Japan, Africa, Pacific regions …). The Centre also organizes seminars, debates and international conferences.

The Centre sometimes accepts interns and provides direction for graduate students,

The C.I.D. organizes an International Conference every three years since 1985: The R.I.A.O (Recherche d'Information Assistée par Ordinateur)Conference. Past RIAO have been: RIAO 85, in Grenoble, France ; RIAO 88 at M.I.T., Cambridge MAY. U.S.A. ; RIAO 91 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain ; RIAO 94 at Rockefeller University, New York; RIAO 97 at McGill University in Montréal (Canada); RIAO 2000 in Paris, at the Collège de France; RIAO 2004 (postponed from 2003) at the University of Avignon, France.

RIAO 2007 took place on May 30, 31 and June 1 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


The C.I.D. carries out studies for public authorities and for private organizations and companies.

The C.I.D. also produces studies of content-based information requirements for organizations, associations, companies, or professional groups, proposing improvements to existing systems and suggestions for new systems. It has developed specific "on-site" investigation methods which have been favourably received and which yield a variety of possible answers to problems found.

The C.I.D. offers researchers and innovating companies a variety of "tribunes" for presenting prototypes or innovative products either during the RIAO conferences, or during other exhibitions such as the Vidcom of Cannes, or during international fairs such as Frankfurt, London ONLINE, or during other colloquia organized by the C.I.D.

The C.I.D. has published a quarterly review since 1980. It also publishes the proceedings of the RIAO Conferences every three years, as well as some other works.